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fitness-boot-campGet ready to bring your Fitness to a whole new level.  Give us a few months and you will discover that new fit and healthy body that you’ve been dreaming about.

We pack more into our Hamilton, Ancaster and Dundas boot camp class then most people do in an average day.  Our Hamilton Boot camp is hardcore training for those people who want results fast.

Phoenix Fitness Hamilton Boot Camp classes are challenging, fun, and a great way to get into shape fast… Really fast! Boot Camp Hamilton classes are so packed full of different and varied exercise activities that you will never get bored. Gone are the days of endless boredom on the stair climber or stationery bike.

We will encourage you (not yell at you – well mate sometimes) to do the best you can. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your boot camp workout.  As we are all at different levels of fitness, all of our classes are adaptable to the individual (various levels of each movement).

Our Boot camp classes are designed to increase your metabolism and burn fat through building lean muscle, and utilizing the three energy systems of the body:  The Aerobic system, The Anaerobic (ATP-CP) Energy system, and the Anaerobic lactate (Glycolytic) system.  By working all three systems in a program you will get the maximum fat burning benefits out of your workouts along with an increased resting metabolism which will burn fat even when your not exercising.  Our Hamilton Boot camp classes can burn up to 700 calories per class.

Boot Camp classes can be started at any time. They are ongoing and do not have a specific start or finish time.  What are you waiting for?

Due to the adaptability of our classes they are open to all levels. Our Instructors instruct the class in a way that makes the class challenging for both new and established Boot Camp enthusiasts.

running-ancasterIndoor/Outdoor Boot Camp  – This class can take place indoors or outdoors it depends on the weather and exercises fr that day.  A typical session could see you jogging to the park where you will engage in activities such as skipping with ropes, calisthenics, running hills or stairs, and doing drills that will have you sweating and burning up those extra calories.  You will could also spend 1/2 hour in the club doing core work, and weight training to build lean long muscles that look great and keep your metabolism revved up on an ongoing basis.

Why our Boot Camp Workkouts

  • Indoor/Outdoor Boot Camp.

    • 1/2 hour outdoors to enjoy the fresh air, nature and sunshine.

    • 1/2 indoors in the studio to take advantage of our weight equipment, and a dry clean floor for mat and core exercises.

  • You do not have to buy any equipment.

    • Mats are supplied for free.

    • We have a wide variety of weights in our Clubo at your disposal. So as you progress you will have access to heavier weights to keep you challenged!

  • You do not have to commit to a specific class.

    • We have many Boot Camp classes on our schedule for you to take part in.  You do not have to commit to a certain day. You can do any of the classes that are on our schedule.

    • We offer flexible packages. If you want to do just Boot Camp we have specials that will give you access to do any Boot Camp class and Weights and Core class on our schedule.

    • We also have our regular packages that will allow you to do not only Boot Camp classes but all the the other classes on our schedule including Weights and Core, Pilates and Yoga. Cross training is a great way to increase your fitness level.

  • Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Motivational Instructors

    • We have three highly trained Instructors teaching Boot Camp Classes

    • Our Instructors want nothing more than to see you succeed with your fitness goals!

    • Every Class will be a little different because each Instructor brings their own expertise to their sessions. You will definitely never get bored.

  • Can’t beat the  Price.

    • Compare our prices to our competition and you will be pleasantly surprised. Our competitions pricing is at least 30% to 50% higher with lesser experience and facilities.

Are you ready to break down your fitness barriers and bring your fitness to places you never thought possible?  Good!  We will see you soon!

Boot Camp classes are designed to accomplish the following goals:

Reduce Body Fat                                                                                                      Add lean Muscle Mass                                                                                        Increase resting metabolism
Increase Strength
Reduce Inches
Reduce Stress and Tension
Increase Endurance Level
Increase Flexibility and Balance                                                                       Increased well being

Do you want the Personal Touch?

Then try our One on one Boot Camp with our Personal Trainers.

Your Hamilton Boot Camp Session will be tailored to your Personal Goals. Personal Boot Camp sessions are a combination on Outdoor and Indoor work, including running, calisthenics, Skipping, Stairs, weight training, core work, Pilates, and stretching.

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