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Hamilton Fitness Club, Phoenix Fitness offers a wide variety of group fitness programs,
Hamilton personal trainers and nutritional programming Whether your goal is to lose weight,
get stronger, or just be active. Phoenix Fitness Hamilton has the team, services, facility
and the desire to help you succeed.Check out our Women’s Fitness services. Click here…

Check out our Hamilton Zumba Classes
nothing compares to our Hamilton personal training program when it comes to safety efficiency and results!  Make the best use of your fitness time hire one of our personal trainers in Hamilton.

Personal Training Hamilton

Phoenix Fitness Hamilton offers one of the largest team of experienced personal trainers in the Hamilton area. With such a large team of experienced personal trainers you can be sure Phoenix Fitness Hamilton will be able to help you achieve your goals safely, efficiently and ensure there is enough variety in your program to guarantee you have great time while doing it.

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you cannot untrained bad nutrition is with that in mind that phoenixfitness Hamilton recommends you invest in an individualized nutrition plan.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

If weight loss is your goal and diets, food and snacking are your weakness. Look no further. Our Empowered Meal Plans will leave you leaner, healthier, more energetic and well… more EMPOWERED. It gives you all the tools you need. A scientific, effective and personalized nutrition Guide that will take you all the way to your fitness goals and ideal weight.

Take a look at how some our Metabolism Make over participants have done Click here…

Hamilton spinning classes Hamilton your classes Hamilton knee a classes in Hamilton aerobic classes

Group Fitness Hamilton

Our fitness club in Hamilton provides yoga classes used for stretching out and relaxing. Stability ball classes to kep you balanced. Cardio knockout boxing classes as well as a mix of the traditional aerobic classes you would expect to find at any fitness club.
Coming soon Belly Dancing and Zumba
Zumba Classes Hamilton
Boot Camp Hamilton
Boot Camp Ancaster
Yoga Ancaster
Dance Ancaster

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