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Inviting Prosperity into Your Life

Do you often think your life would be easy after winning the lottery? According to Saving Advice, one in three people does. However, statistically, it’s not very probable. Your odds of winning a state lottery are 1 in 18 million. 1/

Financial security requires some effort, but not the backbreaking kind. What are the keys to prosperity? Here are the traits of the rich and famous to help you acquire wealth.

Habits of Those Who Have It All

1. Rising Early

Rich people rise with the sun. According to Yahoo Finance, this practice is common to executives. Here’s what you gain by greeting the day at dawn:

  • Absence of distractions.
  • Time for a healthy breakfast, the fuel for motivation.
  • Peace and quiet, to reflect and plan your day.
  • Greater willpower.
  • The opportunity to exercise, revving endorphin hormones that render happiness.

2. Charitable Giving

Economic studies show that generosity begets wealth. HubPages reports that the richest people in the US earmark 10 percent of their income for giving. 2/ Are you skeptical of this principle? Practice it consistently, and see how bountifully your needs are met!

3. Meditating

This practice induces a calm and alert mental state. Meditation is concentrating on one object, allowing other thoughts to melt. Common meditation objects are your breath, a phrase, or a peaceful scene. As thoughts arise, repeatedly bring your attention back to the point of focus.

Just 10 minutes of meditation connects you to the source of your inner creativity, strength, and intuition. It offers physical benefits as well, such as stress relief, healthy blood pressure, and heightened immunity.

For guidance in starting a meditation practice, visit: http://www.humankinetics.com/excerpts/excerpts/meditation-provides-physical-mental-and-emotional-benefits

4. Reading

Reading improves thinking. This is the finding of a 2013 study by the University of Toronto. Researchers found that after reading a short story, people were more creative. Reading broadens your mind, facilitating decision-making. In a survey of Fortune 500 CEOs by N2Growth, the executives reported reading four to five books per month. 3/

An e-reader is an economical investment in the literary world. You’ll have access to roughly 1,000 books on a portable, lightweight device.

5. Pursuing Passions

Doing work you love garners big bucks. This is the viewpoint of Brazen, a blog network for job seekers. 4/ What you love must be something other people value. Crucial to maintaining a substantial income is keeping customers happy. Your success is most likely when driven by a service-oriented goal. Then, you’ll swim in the river of abundance.

To crystallize your vision, ask yourself:

  • What’s unique about what I do?
  • What can I contribute to society?

Now, forge your drive into an activity that benefits people. Here’s a quote to motivate you:

“Imagine that each person you meet wears a pin that says ‘Make me feel important.’ Not only will you prosper, but you’ll have success in life.” – Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

6. Establishing Routines

When passion is supported by discipline, you have the framework for success. Routines promote order. Here’s how to mimic the rich:

  • Write down a weekly goal.
  • Maintain a daily To Do list.
  • Keep a nightly journal of five things for which you’re grateful.
  • Send a thank-you note each time you benefit from someone’s effort.

7. Spending Less Than They Earn

Many people live beyond their means. Here’s how to stay within your monetary bounds:

  • Safeguard a portion of your paycheck in a savings fund.
  • Direct another amount to a retirement account.
  • Stash some cash in an emergency fund.
  • Pay credit card bills in full upon receipt.
  • Acquire a mortgage you can afford. Your monthly payment should equal one week’s paycheck. This is the advice of Celebrating Financial Freedom. 5/ Your mortgage payment plus all other monthly debt should not exceed two weeks of pay.

8. Having Multiple Income Sources

Income has three classifications:

  • Active
  • Semi-Active
  • Passive

Active – your main source of earnings on which most of your time is spent.

Semi-Active – work beyond your primary job that you do on the side.

Passive – a regular influx of money involving minimal or no effort, such as real estate income from a condo rental. Another type of passive cash is interest from investments. By combining primary and secondary earnings, you’ll have a solid foundation of financial support.

9. Exercising

Working out makes you smarter. A 2013 study in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research showed that 30 minutes of heart-pumping activity improves planning, reasoning, and memory. 6/ Each time you exercise, you stimulate the electrical activity of your brain. Your data processor is fine-tuned. Brain regions expand. You’re also spurring cellular communication within your command center.

So what’s the connection between exercise and wealth? Being brainy enhances your chances of financial success. You gain skill in problem-solving and hatching creative ideas. Your productivity increases. Exercising gives you the energy to actualize your fantastic plans!

How much should you work your body? The Mayo Clinic recommends 30 minutes per day. 7/ You can opt for a half-hour session or three stints of 10 minutes each. Select an activity you enjoy, such as dancing, swimming, walking, or playing a sport. Consider obtaining a gym membership, and bring a workout playlist to make it fun. Sign up for a weekly fitness class, and mark it on your calendar.

10. Socializing With Successful People

The company of thriving people keeps you inspired. You’ll want to adopt their attributes and beneficial habits. Where do you find such role models? Here’s where to link up with a mentor:

  • college class
  • fitness center
  • house of worship
  • professional seminar
  • meditation group
  • place of employment

10 Ways to Create Prosperity

Here’s a recap of how to design a prosperous life:

  1. Rise early.
  2. Give to charity.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Read.
  5. Pursue your passion.
  6. Establish routines.
  7. Live within your means.
  8. Have several streams of income.
  9. Exercise.
  10. Socialize with successful people.

Above all, share from the surplus you reap. Be rich in heart! It’s the greatest wealth achievable.


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to read the entire article go to http://phoenixfitness.lifestyleezine.com

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