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Take a tour of the main area of our Phoenix Fitness Club Hamilton location
our Hamilton fitness club is fully equipped to provide you with all of the fitness tools necessary to succeed

Phoenix Hamilton Fitness Club Pictures

Click on the title above to take a look at some our, cardio area, fitness class area, spinning area, change rooms, machine room all at our Phoenix Fitness Club-Hamilton We have just finished painting and adding some new equipment so please check back for some new pictures or better yet stop by for a look. Call or Email to book your appointment today!

Phoenix Fitness Hamilton Team Videos

Click on the title above to meet some of our Hamilton personal trainers. All of our personal trainers are certified and or degreed. They all have demonstrated an ability to motivate their clients and help their training clients achieve rapid, safe andlasting results.

Please take a look at our trainer videos and see who you would like to work with to achieve your goals quickly and safely

Listen To What Our Members Have To Say

I would like to thank you for making it this far on our site. You must really be interested in joining. I often tell potential members not to take my word for it or even the word of
someone on my team but to ask current Phoenix Fitness members. How it is here and why they’re here.

Well, I’ve saved you the trip. If you click the title of this section or click here you can here what some of our current fitness members have to say.

We’ll see you at the club soon,

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